NBC News has instituted an across-the-board freeze on raises for its executives and talent, even those with contracts guaranteeing them salary bumps.

A tipster tells us that NBC News—and probably all of NBC Universal, though we're not sure—is discreetly calling around and asking its on-air and off-air employees to take one for the team and voluntarily delay any contractually obligated salary increases for six months. Anyone who has a contract that spells out a raise, of course, is free to say, "No, give me my money." But word is that the network will remember any untoward responses and take them into account when they work out the next budget.

It's kind of odd, at a time when NBC Universal is bizarrely one of G.E.'s best performing divisions, that employees in the unit have to pay the price for the rest of the company's stupid mistakes. But they're being told that they are all employees of GE, and need to be as generous and magnanimous as that asshole from AIG who gave his bonus away.