There's finally a trailer out for Spike Jonze's long-delayed Where the Wild Things Are. It looks intriguing, and ought to appeal to those hipster 10-year-olds you know who already dress better than you.

What with the swooning Arcade Fire song, the lazy, sad late-afternoon sunlight spilling everywhere, and the hand-drawn title cards and all. Jonze is a certified whiz kid director, and there are some striking visuals on display in this trailer, but we're a little wary of just how hip it seems. We knew that one day soon (read: already) kids would be cooler than us, but it happened so fast. Ah well. Judging from this preview, aside from the Urban-Outfitters-for-Kids vibe, we're pretty psyched for this movie.

But we're blaming the whole hipster children phenomenon on these parents, displayed in similarly twee fashion in the trailer for Away We Go, the new indie pregnancy travelogue from Dave Eggers: