Is Minnesota Congressman Michele Bachmann the dumbest member of congress? Well, the median Stanford-Binet score in the House is probably like 70, so who's to say? But she is certainly our favorite House moron!

Michele Bachmann probably believes Unicorns evolved into Angels, or something, especially now that we've written that particular theory on the internet, where she does most of her research. She is a crazy baby-farming dingbat who once told a story of George Bush kissing her at the site of a bridge collapse and she probably actually believed it by the time she was through making it up because, as we said, brain of a slow child.

So some TPM blogger made a video of three separate people on three separate occasions reacting to something Bachmann said with an identical expression of complete befuddlement.

We encourage you to use this thread to come up with crazy things you could write on the internet that you'd like Bachmann to say in a debate, TV interview, or on the floor of the US House of Representatives, where she is a member, because of Democracy!