Why would a rich guy sleep with his trophy wife and another woman? Because he's a lying cheat? Or because his uncontrollable Swedish bride knew he was leaving but took his body anyway?

George David, locked in a messy public divorce battle, insists it's the latter. His Swedish countess wife, Marie Douglas-David, wants a $100 million goodbye package, in part because she said David two-timed her in 2007.

The couple had filed for divorce prior to this particular alleged infidelity. But the wife is saying they then reconciled. Her husband was turned on by divorce, her story goes.

If that sounds unbelievable, how about the husband's counter story: The divorce was very real and enduring but his wife "forced herself" on him against his will during the so-called reconciliation.

One purported rape came during a trip to Sweden. Another occured when, in a lawyer's words, "she grabbed [David] by the arm and pulled [him] to the bed."

The husband is 226 pounds and 6'3". The wife is 120 pounds.

Then again, she does have 30 years on him. You have to be careful with these minxes, plutocrats. They're not all fun and games and shopping sprees.