The editor-in-chief of The National, an English-language newspaper based in Abu Dhabi, makes $430,000 per year, according to a spreadsheet of the paper's payroll leaked to WikiLeaks.

Martin Newland, the paper's editor and former editor-in-chief of the British Daily Telegraph, pulls in $36,000 a month, according to the spreadsheet. Who knows if it's real, but stories here and here seem to confirm.

It's not a cash cow for everyone—a lowly features writer on the arts pages (imagine the arts scene in Abu Dhabi!) makes $59,000. But still, there are people paying real money for writers and editors! In English! The business editor makes $300,000!

The numbers are based on the presumption that the salaries are indeed monthly, as the accompanying stories claim, and paid in UAE dinham, one of which is currently worth about $.27.

Ditch whatever dying joke of a paper you work for, forsake Christ or Moses or whoever you worship, give up drinking, get on a plane, and head to Abu Dhabi, young man. Or woman (but bring a veil of some kind if you are).

Also it's tax free. And one story speculates that the leak was the handiwork of a National employee angry that the paper was discontinuing its annual bonuses and free housing allowance.