Gigi Levangie, author of The Starter Wife, has so much of producer Brian Grazer's money after their divorce, that she can write books about her rich divorcée life just to piss him off.

Publisher's Weekly has a review of her latest, Queen Takes King, and they liked it well enough, though its characters are "celluloid" and totally unbelievable. It tells the tale of an aging ballet dancer who divorces a real estate mogul and oh gosh how are they going to figure out how to still be rich without each other.

After 25 years of marriage-most of it squandered on unspoken disappointment, stifled grief and wasted affection-ex-ballerina Cynthia Power and real estate tycoon hubby Jackson are headed for divorce. At the same time, Jackson's latest condo project is teetering and Carolyn's ballet board is in turmoil. Though lesbian daughter Vivienne counsels Cynthia to "think three moves ahead," Jackson, torn between his ambitious and reckless lover and imperious father, is staying in the game by sheer grit.

So let's see if we can unpack this dense allegory. The ballet dancer—free, creative, supported by chic lesbo daughter—is the saintly Levangie, right? And the gritty one with the reckless relationship is the insane-haired Grazer? Phew. Maybe the ballet dancer demands seven thousand dollars a month for "fine art," too. Or, maybe, because of creative license and stuff, it's like six thousand instead.

We're sure that divorces send both gentlemen and ladies, both rich and poor, reeling—it's the end of an error, after all—but if Levangie continues to insist to solely mine the shallow depths of rich divorcée ennui, we might start thinking she's some sort of opportunist.

Either way, we encourage you to pick up the tome, which drops in June, lest the poor Levangie be forced to scrape by on her $1 million-a-month divorce settlement. The poor dear.