More details have emerged in the murder of ABC radio newsman George Weber, who was stabbed to death in his Brooklyn apartment on Friday. It looks like a "sex slay," unfortunately.

Being murdered is bad enough all by itself. But the circumstances of Weber's death — a male "companion" he met over the Internet, as the Daily News puts it, is the prime suspect — are unfortunate mostly because it gives the Post the excuse to run a headline featuring the words "Sex Slay." Not what one would imagine you would want your legacy to be immediately after your untimely death.

Cops are investigating the murder as a gay slaying, police sources said.

Investigators said gay-porn pictures were scattered around his ransacked home, but it was unclear if anything was missing.

There was no evidence of forced entry and investigators believe Weber may have known his attacker.

Cops are trying to identify several men who posed in various pictures with the victim, according to investigators. The photos were found in Weber's home.

Police are still investigating.