Politico's Ben Smith unleashed a vicious assault of "SPEED+POWER" this morning on Philippe Reines, Hillary Clinton's flack, in yet another round of successful Drudge-baiting.

Reines, pictured with his boss, is the guy behind the "reset button" misspelling fiasco that sparked a war between Russia and the United States more than three weeks ago, and Smith goes deep on the episode, offering a richly layered and prodigiously sourced 1,100-word tick-tock of a stupid thing that happened more than three weeks ago!

Reines forgot to spell-check the button. He apologized for it in a kind of funny statement. But Smith gives it the Cuban Missile Crisis treatment, using words like "drama" and "buzzing" and "tussles" and "blunder" and "appalled" to describe petty complaints from the media regarding Reines' failure to tuck them in at night during Clinton's first trip to Europe and the Middle East—one reporter even wrote on his blog about it!

Ben, this is three weeks old. Please reread your boss' memo about the "velocity" that Politico stories need in order to be "ESSENTIAL READING" so Politico can become a "KEY OUTLET" and you can "OWN THE MORNING"—hey wait, Drudge linked to it. OK, then. Keep up the good work?