Former editor of this site Choire Sicha is writing a book! Which we knew already. But now he's talking about it! The Platonic Ideal of 'Gawker' is writing about...people like you!

People screwed by NYC, in other words. The book, which he hopes to finish in a year, "will follow a group of 20-somethings as they try to make their lives in a city that doesn't work the way it once did."

"For me, what the recession for young working people reminds me of is HIV in the early 90s, when my generation of gay men decided there wasn't much of a future," Mr. Sicha said. "I feel like I hear from people now, and they're like, 'fuck tomorrow!' Which seems completely reasonable to me. And whether that's based on a real understanding of the economy or on what we're getting through the filter of the media, it doesn't matter– it's a completely appropriate response to the moment we're in."

So Choire will be writing the definitive account of broke ass modern New York (and he needs four subjects: fameballs, email him immediately!). Along with the whisperwhisperwhisper alleged secret project with Balk that we cannot stop hearing about these days, this will keep him busy until the recession blows over. Fancy! He tells us, "It was either this or start some stupid new blog for Nick Denton!"

Choire Sicha has always been the smart one. [NYO. Pic: Flickr]