Canada obviously has no idea who Fox News' resident merry prankster Greg Gutfeld is, because after he said something outrageous about Canada's military (as is his wont), they demanded an apology. You silly Canadians.

On the March 17 edition of Red Eye, a "comedy" show Fox News puts on for insomniacs and media narcissists, Gutfeld said Canadian soldiers do yoga and made fun of a Canadian lieutenant general's name (Leslie!) and said we should invade Canada because the country's military is contemplating a one-year "operational break" from Afghanistan.

Canadian Defence (they don't spell it right) Minister Peter MacKay called the comments disgusting and demanded an apology. Partly everyone got mad because four Canadians died in Afghanistan on Friday. (Yoga accident, you ask? No. IEDs.)

Thrilled to be the talk of Canada, Gutfeld apologized:

The March 17 episode of Red Eye included a segment discussing Canada's plan for a "synchronized break," which was in no way an attempt to make light of troop efforts. However, I realize that my words may have been misunderstood. It was not my intent to disrespect the brave men, women and families of the Canadian military, and for that I apologize. Red Eye is a satirical take on the news, in which all topics are addressed in a lighthearted, humorous and ridiculous manner.