Did you hear about the financial crisis? Popular Canadian songsmith Neil Young did! Let us take a quick look at his reaction to this unprecedented economic situation: a song called "Cough Up the Bucks."

Neil Young - Cough Up The Bucks

So in this new Neil Young song he is just repeating the words "cough up the bucks" over and over again, for a while, and then he sings "where did all the money go? Where did all the cash flow?" So as you can see Neil knows as much about this crisis as your average newspaper columnist or congressional finance committee member and his song is 10 times more insightful than watching 24 hours of CNBC or reading The Nation or whatever else you're doing to figure this thing out. (Bonus: a bit about his car, and his girl, and his world.)

If you dislike repetition and laughably simple political non-statements then you may not like this, but if you like crunchy guitars alternating with pretty harmonies than this will basically be right up your alley.

Yes, the best part of this may be the self-directed video, in which Mr. Young rides around in a limo, reading The Wall Street Journal, and shouting into a mobile phone, because that is what those WALL STREET FAT CATS do with their time, he is pretty sure.

There is your financial and music news for the week.