DC's annual "Gridiron Club Dinner" is pretty much just like the White House Correspondents Assocation Dinner, except it's White Tie. Barack Obama skipped it, god bless him.

It is maybe the best move he's made as president. Obama is now the first president since Grover Cleveland to skip a Gridiron dinner in his first year in office (and he's the first black president ever to skip it!), because he wanted to spend the weekend with his family, not at a too-cozy tone-deaf mutual jackoff session hosted by the press featuring "entertainment" by elected officials and the US Marine Band.

So, yeah, Joe Biden did his thing, with the stupid jokes, and some other people told some more stupid jokes, etc.

And hey, who'll step up to the plate to accept the annual "Bob Novak award for exemplifying everything broken and gross about Washington and the press"? How about NBC's own Mrs. Greenspan?

Here's NBC's Andrea Mitchell in a bear costume introducing a number that lampoons her husband, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, to the tune of "What I Did for Love" from "A Chorus Line."

Kiss the Dow goodbye . . .

And let the markets tumble.

Ha ha ha, it's funny because she's a long-standing member of the media establishment that spent years sucking her husband's cock and calling him the smartest money genius in the world, until the bubble he helped inflate burst and took down everything because of a because of a "flaw in the model that [he] perceived is the critical functioning structure that defines how the world works." It's fun to be insulated from the results of your actions!

Everyone who attends these dinners should be sent to jail.