Marie Douglas-David, the Swedish countess divorcee who is demanding $100 million from her soon-to-be-ex-husband to meet her $53,000-per-week minimum needs, is now telling her side of the story: her husband's a divorce sex fiend!

Marie wisely told her story to the sympathetic ear of New York Post condemnation columnist Andrea Peyser, chronicler of all things kinky. Like the wild breakup/ makeup sex fetish of Marie's 66 year-old CEO hubby!

Douglas-David, the Swedish countess, told me yesterday he filed for divorce from her regularly as a method of control and as a kind of weird sexual foreplay.

He filed for divorce four times during their loopy, seven-year marriage. But the separations ended, sometimes hours later, with bouts of crazy sex.

Sounds like a happy ending, ha! How about some salacious details of this "crazy sex," Marie?

"I went up and hugged him. I was completely in shock. We spent the rest of the day kissing and hugging and [him] saying he loved me.
"He had sex with me that afternoon. We went to dinner that night."

You kinky bastards. Marie claims that his off-the-wall fucking and her husband George's refusal to use in vitro fertilization are worth $100 mil, but sheeeit. Andrea Peyser has endured a young man's X-ray pubic hair for nothing more than a Post salary, and personal satisfaction. [NYP, Previously; Pic via]