George Weber, a longtime WABC newscaster turned ABC News freelancer and blogger, was found stabbed to death at home in Brooklyn. He was 47.

Weber is believed to have been killed Friday; his radio coworkers, presumably on a freelance project, called police after he didn't show up for work Saturday or Sunday. His apartment was found ransacked, the back door open, but there was no sign of forced entry and it's not clear if anything was taken.

"Police were investigating the possibility he was killed by a male date," the Daily News reported.

Weber was laid off by WABC in February, after more than 12 years, and started freelancing for national ABC News radio, and posting more frequently to his personal blog.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who worked with Weber on Bloomberg's Friday show, issued a statement reading, in part, ""On or off the air, and especially during our commercial breaks, his views were incisive and insightful... George called news events as he saw them with little regard to party politics or ideology."

Like many a fine journalist, Weber had a favorite bar, the Blarney Rock, where his picture hangs on the wall. Judging from the quotes in the Daily News, Weber is already already missed there.

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