Diablo Cody and her Hollywood gal-pals cooperated on today's self-consciously sexy New York Times profile. Odd, then, that they complained people pay too much attention to their looks.

Lady screenwriters? Just a thought: If you don't want people to fixate on your sexuality maybe don't blurt out to a Times writer, "We've all seen each other naked."

Or call your drunken limousine rides "super porno."

But having talked about your work on a would-be series called Sluts, and having dubbed yourselves "The Fempire," it sounded a bit disingenuous when you all complained about "pressure to look photogenic in a way that is not demanded of male screenwriters."

That's surely true of the Femperors. But these aren't hermit screenwriters, hunkered down in Los Angeles apartments, avoiding the sort of Times reporters who would call them "gorgeous" in the second paragraph.

No, these are women with moxie, and ambition. This profile has the feel of, oh, a group bid to launch some sort of lady Entourage, maybe? The photogenic, novelist author of the Times piece would fit snugly into such a project.

Whatever their specific dreams, Entourage-scale aspirations will be judged with the likes of Adrian Grenier and Jeremy Piven in mind. As Cody knows all too well, making those sorts of references and comparisons is utterly second-nature to viewers. And one suspects Cody and her friends, despite protestations to the contrary, don't need to be reminded of it.