Giving geeks everywhere hope, Jim Clark, cofounder of Silicon Graphics and Netscape, is marrying swimsuit model Kristy Hinze this weekend on Richard Branson's Necker Island — also the site of Google founder Larry Page's nuptials.

Valleywag reported in January that the May-December couple — he's 64, she's 28 — had switched the location of their wedding from Hinze's paparazzi-friendly Sydney to the more remote Necker Island. Now PEHub, a venture-capital blog, confirms that the couple are wedding on Necker.

The notion that Necker will keep the ceremony private seems curiously outdated, though, in this age of oversharing. After all, when Larry Page, the Google founder, married Stanford Ph.D. and ex-model Lucy Southworth in late 2007, one of the wedding guests sent Valleywag a close-up pic of the couple's first kiss (left).

Better yet: Since YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley is Clark's son-in-law, we'd hope guests would be sporting videocameras, the better to leak clips with.

Another famous guest, according to the Daily Telegraph: Film mogul Harvey Weinstein. Hinze hosts the Australian version of Project Runway. She spent the past few days at Walt Disney World celebrating with her sister and other family members.