While everyone was watching Barack Obama on Leno last night, that increasingly-prickish-seeming McLovin' kid, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, was on Jimmy Kimmel's not-actually-live show last night saying "fuckin'" and not getting bleeped. Not that anyone noticed.

Mintz-Plasse was telling a story about how Harrison Ford thought he was really funny (right...) and, while supposedly quoting the grizzled old actor, said "Your speech... was fucking hilarious." Kimmel didn't seem particularly fazed — he even congratulated McLovin on getting Indiana Jones to use profanity. But just so you don't think the censors were snoozing, a few minutes later, as you'll see in the clip, they bleeped him saying "goddamn."

In a sign of how pointless it is to compete against our superstar President — it's fucking 2:30 in the afternoon and we're just getting around to it — according to a very lazy search of the Internet, approximately three Obama-hating people were watching at the time.