You've disappointed us, but we shall abide by the will of the People: Bernard Madoff won our poll to identify the face of the New Depression with 29% of the vote.

Madoff, an easy symbol of a venal era we're all now paying for, got just under 1,000 votes. Architect of that era, Alan Greenspan, placed second with 692 votes and 21% of the total, despite a late surge after our attempt yesterday to place a thumb on the scale in his favor. Ace pilot/crappy fugitive Marcus Schrenker was the least blameworthy, according to you, with just 27 votes. Write-in candidates from commenters included Milton Friedman, Phil Gramm, Countrywide Financial's Angelo Mozilo, a former director general of the British SIS, and AIG's Joseph Cassano.

It would have been fun to powder our noses in the Alan Greenspan Memorial Water Closet. But our word is our bond, and we shall prepare a plaque bearing Madoff's name and affix it to the bathroom door here at Gawker HQ. Thanks for playing!