Soon-to-be-former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman has some of the best lawyers dirty money can buy. And one of them just basically admitted that his current strategy is "tie this election up in court forever."

Joe Friedberg gave Norm Coleman's closing arguments last week, and then yesterday he went on the local sports talk radio station (???) for an interview. And he gave away his whole strategy! (His strategy: lose.)

ROSENBAUM: Well, when you say quick appeal, are you confident that you are going to lose the case in front of the three-judge panel? By losing the case, I mean Norm ends up with less votes.

FRIEDBERG: I think that's probably correct that Franken will still be ahead and probably by a little bit more. But our whole argument was a constitutional argument, and it's an argument suitable for the Minnesota Supreme Court, not for the trial court. So we'll see whether we were right or not.

Hah. Soooo this is Coleman's plan: once the interminable current lawsuit is finished, and everyone in Minnesota is pissed off at him for dragging this out, he will appeal. Brilliant! Another Bush v. Gore will really make everyone feel like this was all worth it.