Hey, it's the subway hero—he's talking! Chad Lindsey, the smoldering actor who saved a man from the subway tracks in what may be his best career move ever, reveals: his soul is golden.

Let's get this out of the way first: Although the balance of available evidence would seem to indicate that Chad Lindsey is, in fact, a gay hero, it hasn't exactly been spelled out yet. Queerty asked him whether fanatical blogs such as this one are trying to turn him into the next gay hero:

Hmm. That hadn't occurred to me. It seems we live in a world where we're past that. I know we're not and I have a good idea that we don't, but I don't know. I'm trying to be judicious about how much I even talk. You know what I mean? I mean, "Look dude, you jumped in the train and got someone out, now shut up already." You know? It's enough to say I'm an actor. People are already rolling their eyes.

Never! This cycle of intense and fleeting adulation is all perfectly normal, Chad. Enjoy it before it fades away, next week. He told Queerty he's barely even had time to read the blogs, but when he spoke to Playbill yesterday he'd obviously had time to read the comments of you, the Gawker readers, who hurt his feelings:

"'Smoldering' is hilarious," Lindsey said. "Later in the blog they have comments and somebody wrote, 'We have obviously lowered the level of smoldering considerably.' I was like - Ouch."

We hope you're very proud of yourself. How would you feel if that was the last thing you ever got to say to Chad?

Queerty: Well, if there's anything people should take away from your story, what should it be?
Chad: *car honks* Oh, God, I almost got run over.

Chilling. Chad, now we know you're reading. Email us at once.