Alice Waters wins: The First Family agreed to to grow its own vegetables for the first time since World War II, citing the very educational benefits the Berkeley restaurateur has long touted.

And to think that just a few days ago the sustainable food crusader was helping 60 Minutes paint her as an out-of-touch elitst.

Amid the recession, "you're a dreamer," correspondent Lesley Stahl told Waters.

Indeed, and not always the savviest in selling her San Francisco Bay Area vision of non-poisoned food to the rest of the country. But Waters has been nothing if not persistent — "the steamroller is on its way," Stahl warned Obama — and Michelle Obama's plan swallows whole her vision of using the White House garden to encourage kids to eat more fruits and vegetables (and less processed food).

The first lady, in fact, paid Waters the ultimate compliment: Not mentioning her by name, it would appear, in an interview about the garden with the New York Times. In politics, everyone wants to take credit for the truly attractive ideas.