We suspected it; you prayed for it (especially you, hippie); now it has actually happened: the US government is no longer coming after your "medical" marijuana. Dude:

Last month our new attorney general, Eric "Will You Please Pass Me That Marijuana, So I May Enjoy It" Holder indicated that the feds would no longer go around raiding medical marijuana spots, in states where it was legal. In contrast to the Bush administrations, which loved to do that shit. And now, Holder has made his point in clear detail:

The Bush administration targeted medical marijuana distributors even in states that had passed laws allowing use of the drug for medical purposes by cancer patients, those dealing with chronic pain or other serious ailments. Holder said the priority of the new administration is to go after egregious offenders operating in violation of both federal and state law, such as those being used as fronts for drug dealers.

One might point out that most of the medical marijuana distributors are "fronts for drug dealers," in the strictest sense, but no matter. See your hippie doctors at once! Freedom!
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