NYC has a new subway hero—this time, an attractive young male actor. Let the starmaking machine commence! Chad Lindsey selflessly rescued a fellow rider; now we must all rescue him from Off-Broadway anonymity.

On Monday, in Penn Station, some dude fell on the tracks and totally knocked himself out. Chad Lindsey, proofreader and aspiring smoldering actor, jumped onto the tracks and hauled the man up, then jumped up himself before the train came. Instead of waiting around for a book deal, he just went ahead and got on the next train and left. Modest, selfless, and a sense of humor as well!

He looked back up at the people on the platform. "I yelled, ‘Contact the station agent and call the police!' which I think is hilarious because I don't think I ever said ‘station agent' before in my life. What am I, on ‘24'?"

You may be sooner than you think, my friend! Chad is 33, and sports a strong jaw and tousled hair. He's currently appearing in Kaspar Hauser off Broadway, but he's no neophyte—according to the internet, he's previously had roles on "How I Met Your Mother," MTV's "Undressed," and "Totally Sexy Loser." Among others!

Chad is also a minor sex symbol to his IMDB fans ("Plot Keywords: Gay Interest | Gay Kiss | Fear Of Commitment | Gay Sex"), and, as one asserts, "Chad Lindsey Rocks. Rocks Hard."

He certainly does! Here's his highlight reel. Give him some work, why don't you?

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