Lou Dobbs is usually a belligerent xenophobe in honor of something Mexican, like a migrant worker, leprosy, asphalt or maybe just a cheese enchilada. Not today: The Irish made the CNN anchor insult everyone.

Dobbs wished everyone "Happy St. Patrick's Day" on his radio show, because otherwise the UN guys in black helicopters will sniper him to death, immediately. Then, in defiance, he said he detests the drunken Irish holiday, along with that one for the Eye-talians, the Catholics and filthy Anglicans ("St. Joseph") and whatever those Asians do, "you know, 'St. Jin-Tao-Wow."

And also what's with the Jews? Don't they have some kind of day to worship their version of "Saints?" No? Of course not.

Thanks to Media Matters for discovering and recording this gem, a fine basis for a drinking game. How about a shot every time Lou insults, oh, a million ethnics? That will make it a short night.