The status of actress Natasha Richardson after her skiing accident remains unclear, as various news agencies are reporting vastly differing items. The New York Post claims she is "brain dead," TMZ claims she is not.

The Post's report asserts that the actress, who is married to actor Liam Neeson, is being flown back to New York so her family can say goodbye before she's taken off of life support. TMZ claims that's bunk, that she is suffering from brain swelling but is not 'brain dead.' We like their version better.

As for that whole Time Out New York fiasco where they declared her dead, the ever sane and reasonable Perez Hilton is roaring mad at the publication. Because he's a paragon of journalistic ethics. Glass houses, stones, etc.

For our part we're glad that she is not, as earlier reported, deceased and that there may still be a positive, if unlikely, prognosis.