British former reality TV star and current terminal cancer patient Jade Goody is a national obsession. She will die soon. But not soon enough for OK! magazine.

OK's UK edition this week: the "Jade Goody Official Tribute Issue." "Final Words"! I guess "1981-2009" is a fair guess, but uh, patience is a virtue? Jade Goody remains annoyingly alive.

Whether alive or dead, she's fully owned by OK! The mag bought the rights to her wedding last month for an estimated 700,000 pounds, and then refused to allow her friend and biographer to attend it, because she worked for a different magazine. No word on whether Jade can sell the actual moment of her death separately, but if so, OK! is sure to snap it up for a(nother) final edition. Shame and repugnance do not exist!

But she moves a lotta magazines, alive or otherwise!

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