These days, ruined neocon actors scrounge for roles while Nancy Pelosi sings hippie drug songs in respected theaters and the liberal media elites run off to Canada to fornicate in public.

  • Oh hey libtards, Page Six is wondering if you're happy you all blacklisted Ron Silver? Year-old (secondhand?) quote from the late actor: "After I made that speech for President George W. Bush at the Republican Convention here in Manhattan [in 2004], Holly wood and Broadway dried up on me." It's the same blacklist that destroyed the careers of obscure Republican actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood. [P6]
  • Did the world's weirdest dance party involve Chelsea Clinton, Ted Danson and a J. Crew executive partying at Elephant "until the wee hours," or Nancy Pelosi and her husband singing "Age of Aquarius" and "Let the Sun Shine In" from Hair, in the aisles of a Broadway theater?
  • Rihanna would like to remake The Bodyguard, the 1992 movie starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. Then we can all discuss the creepy parallels between the two singers' lives. [Gatecrasher]
  • John Roberts and Kyra Phillips of CNN are maybe getting it on. In Canada, because they're kinky like that. [P6]
  • DJ AM, who survived a plane crash last year with former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, is suing Learjet and others for tens of millions of dollars. [People]
  • Page Six just called Jon Stewart's brother, who works at the NYSE, a big Wall Street suck-up. This should end well. [Post]
  • Lindsay Lohan crashed her car and hid from the cops at Jack Nicholson's house Friday night because there was a warrant out for her arrest. But then by Monday she was openly showing up at court-ordered DUI class. Like she needs lessons.
  • Before Michael Jackson can tour again, he has to obsessive-compulsively rearrange his face for good luck. [Sun]