The Salisbury, Maryland mayor's State of the City address starts typically enough, with talk of drainage, crime, road paving and federal stimulus funds. Then comes the part about the fascist blogger coup.

It seems everyone in town is terrified. Not of the financial crisis, oh no, but of "a far greater danger:" Bloggers, plus some lawyer who likes to telephone the local radio station and explain the Equal-time rule.

"This city is under siege," Mayor Barrie Parsons Tilghman warns around page 9 of her 10-page State of the City address. "When people are afraid to step forward, run for office, speak on relevant issues, write letters to the editor expressing individual opinions, then the future is in jeopardy."

The Associated Press took note, as did the Drudge Report. You can read the whole thing here, although all the bitter blogger bits are on one page, reproduced below. Dig the scare quotes around "bloggers!"

First print journalism, then human relationships, now an entire town in Maryland; what will bloggers destroy next, and when will someone finally stop them?