New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is giving AIG until four o'clock to name everyone who got a bonus Then the subpoenas drop! This is wonderful and hilarious grandstanding, thank you, Andrew.

Cuomo sent a letter to AIG's CEO demanding the names of everyone in the insurance company's Financial Product unit—you may know them as "the credit-default swaps guys" or possibly "those motherfucking cocksuckers who broke the global economy"—who got "retention pay," because yeah you really want to hold on to those guys.

Clearly the best part of this is the 4 p.m. deadline, like Cuomo is a damn gunfighter or something. If this is the sort of stuff he's going to pull before running for governor and then resigning in disgrace after a year because he slept with a hooker, than more power to Andrew Cuomo, we say. (IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN.)