Good Morning America went to rural Alaska and cornered a 19-year-old high school dropout in his truck to ask him about his relationship with the girl he knocked up. Journalism!

The dropout is Levi Johnston, who attended 2008's Republican National Convention as a celebrated guest-of-honor, feted for his ability to accidentally impregnate the teenage daughter of the party's Vice Presidential candidate and that daughter's happy willingness to have the child and, we were all promised, marry the boy, hopefully by November.

That didn't work out, thank god. Bristol Palin's life had probably been ruined enough for one year. The GOP lost, the Palins went back to Alaska, and Levi and Bristol broke up, because they really had nothing in common besides hot animal high school lust.

And Sarah Palin lied about them a couple more times, but other than that, no one cared anymore. Until Levi's sister Mercede started blogging about it on the MySpace, which led to tabloid coverage, which led to an AP interview, which led to ABC's camera crew tracking down Levi and staging this odd interview.

"You guys are civil when you chat?"

"Yeah. For the most part."

Poor Levi Johnston. John McCain should be even more ashamed of himself than he probably already is. Twitter about this, Senator!