Hey, CNN: You've got a long sit-down with Dick Cheney. Would you like to maybe ask him about the newly-revealed assassination squads that reported directly to him, bypassing all military commanders?

The New Yorker's Seymour Hersh just spilled the beans on the roving killer team in Minnesota, leaving everyone terrified, as the investigative reporter tends to do, since he's constantly revealing, accurately, various secret horrors.

The special "executive assassination ring" would go around the world, silently killing people for Cheney, without checking in with the local CIA goons, much less generals or ambassadors or whatever. The remnants of the program were killed off (ha!) last month when it became clear how many women and children had been offed by these guys.

In his lengthy interview with Cheney, King didn't see fit to bring the assassins up because he was too busy asking if Barack Obama "put the country more in danger" by being a huge, anti-torture pussy; if Obama was "overreaching his mandate" by spending money on health care and if Obama is "trying to brazenly deceive the American people?"

When will the president apologize for preventing Dick Cheney from being asked questions on his favorite topics; endless torture, death and war?