An email landed in our inbox this morning from a person who has access Lindsay Lohan's Twitter account, sevinnyne. He had screen-captured some of the craziest ones. They are below.

As you may remember, LiLo finds herself in a bit of trouble after violating the terms of her DUI sentence. A warrant has been issued for her arrest. She is also embroiled in a somewhat tense and tumultuous love affair with DJ Samantha Ronson

In the interest of full disclosure, here is the email the tipster sent to us. Divine the motives and the accuracy yourselves. We will say, this is consistently crazy and insanity—like randomness-is hard to fake. Sofifi, mentioned below, is Sophia Rossi, Samantha's best friend. Also, if these are real and they seem to be, Lindsay Lohan is kind of funny and I like her.

I would like to remain anonymous and the email address i am emailing you from now is not my real name either.

In the early hours of saturday morning Lindsay was having a complete meltdown on twitter, personally I think she had been drinking way to much or taking some kind of drugs and these disturbing status's and message I am about to show you just about prove that as you would have know she was out until 4:30 AM

I...would like these messages to get out to the public so maybe Lindsay can get more help because something is not right, I know for a fact she is out of control again and have even seen it myself recently.

She was updating her twitter from 4am until 8am and later in the day, when Samantha returned home and maybe Lindsay has sobered up, she deleted the message's from her twitter and her updates went from 75 to 65 but i managed to screencap some of the crazy one's before she did...

Some of the messages are cropped and don't make sense but here is how one of the most crazy status' read

"should you end it if the one person in the world fails to love, hold/comfort, apologize, and CHERISH you the night before jail? LIARS R COWARDS cuz they don't know what they got til it is far gone. and people-if you fucking love someone. PUT UR PRIDE A-fucking-SIDE AND JUST LOVE THEM BACK! do not ever dj before calling if they

Later on she started saying she misses her baby? she is bi polar for sure.

Feel free to publish my screencaps, please get this out there. She needs to realize what she sounds like when she in under the influence.