World's worst senator Jim Bunning got in trouble last month for guaranteeing the imminent death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. But now Ginsburg just went and did the same thing! Unfair!

Well, what Ruth actually said was that "surely we will soon" have a SCOTUS opening. "Observers" all took this to mean that she's promising that either she'll die of cancer or that John Paul Stevens or David Souter will retire, like soon.

What it actually sounds like, to us, is an off-hand comment on how many of the justices are quite old and sooner or later one of them may wish to retire. Which is sort of the same thing, except one interpretation is "news" and the other is "not."

Still: the Justices most likely step aside are all among the 4 "good justices," because evil is a life-sustaining tonic.