Good lord. New York Post columnist Braden Keil died Tuesday night. His funeral was held at 11:30 this morning. How long, do you think, before the first PR pitch pegged to his death came in?

About an hour after his colleagues got back to the newsroom after the funeral.

Which brought this response from a Postie:

UPDATE: We just got this email from Nancy Behrman, head of the PR firm in question:

Dear Hamilton,

I have just hung up the telephone with Jeremy Olshan at the New York Post apologizing for the poor judgement in sending the Braden Keil melanoma press release.

I have always had the utmost respect for Braden and my intention was certainly not to exploit this tragic loss. Rather to educate on the severity of melanoma and the importance of skin check-ups. That said, this out reach was a directive from me to my employee Jenna. I would appreciate all slaps directed to me.