The moment Aretha Franklin stepped out at the Obamanaugural, people went nuts over the structured beret with large bow" she wore. Now Luke Song, Franklin's longtime Detroit milliner, is getting actual orders for actual hats!

He has more than 5,000 orders for the spring version of the hat, selling for $179 apiece. That's an $895,000 Aretha windfall, folks!

Commerce is ephemeral, though, and Aretha's hat really belongs to the ages. Franklin has lent the original hat to the Smithsonian, and afterwards, it will rest in Obama's future presidential library.

On the Internet, it's still going strong! (Gay men love it, because they all like to think they are strong, proud black women like Aretha on the inside, except without the racism or sexism or loss of actual privilege.) A parody Twitter feed for Aretha's hat is still posting 140-character messages direct from "the haid." And through the magic of Photoshop, the hat can be one with us all:

Oh no! Now Shepard Fairey will sue us and everyone else on the Internet!

Rod Blagojevich!

Did you know that President George W. Bush wore the hat while getting briefed about 9/11? True, except not!

Portland Mayor Sam Adams pays a heavy, felted price for the Beau Breedlove scandal!

Aretha's hat injured Dick Cheney's back! Except it didn't!

(Photoshop of Arethafied Chief Justice John Roberts through the power of Jameth; others via Buzzfeed and Political Irony and everywhere, because this is basically one of those Internet picture meme things)