Ladies and gentlemen, your selection for pancake artist-to-the-stars Dan Lacey's next painting is "Rush Limbaugh with a chained Princess Leia (Sarah Palin) and Michael Steele as C3P0." He's already started it.

At left you see the early stages of the Rush-as-Jabba-the-Hut painting in progress, which the intrepid artist went ahead and started even before voting had concluded. This vivid tableau narrowly edged out "Rahm Emanuel, riding either a white Siberian tiger or an oversized grey wolf, leaping across a mountain of giant pancakes." Coming in third, with 26% of the vote, was "Rachel Maddow riding a be-saddled Keith Olbermann into battle with a lance and pancake shield against a comparably-though-perhaps-differently-armored Limbaugh riding Hannity."

The good news is that Dan Lacey has vowed to paint all of your finalist suggestions. We'll keep you appraised. Below, an earlier (scrapped) version of the winning Rush painting, which was also nice: