So the other day RNC chairman Michael Steele accidentally told GQ that he supports a woman's right to choose. The wingnuts are outraged! He's screwed, right? Not really!

See, first of all, there are basically no other candidates for the job. No one serious wanted it before, and no one serious wants it now. That's just one of the reasons Steele will probably stay that Chris Cillizza highlights.

Another problem, hah, is that they picked Steele so that they wouldn't look like "the party of old white men" (which they still are!), so firing him for running his mouth would be basically the worst message possible to send, right now.

So gay-loving abortionist hiphop star gaffe machine Michael Steele's job is probably safe, for the time being! Which is great news for everyone (even Republicans, because, as embarrassing and dumb as he is, he's a better face for the party than the segregationist dude who really wants to replace him).