Area zombie Padma Lakshmi was spotted berating a hostess at Schiller's last night. You'd think she'd be a more agreeable restaurant guest, considering she hosts Top Chef and all. Read about her loveless double date:

I saw Padma Laskshmi and Teddy Forstmann come in for a late dinner last night at Schiller's around 10:15 PM. They had to wait at the bar for a few moments and she went over to the hostess and started flipping out, waving her arms and stamped her feet, while he waited at the bar. They were joined by a woman about Teddy's age who was with a late 20s ish man. Double date perhaps? Padma looked attractive in a black mink waist length jacket, jeans and heels***. He was wearing a navy blue golf-jacket and khakis. They did not seem affectionate at all, and left about an hour later.

We're also told that when the hostess got home from work, she noticed a small bite mark on her hand as she was brushing her teeth. She shrugged, put some Neosporin on it, and went to bed.

Now if you'll excuse me, someone's pounding slowly on my door and I ought to go see who it is.

*** Important correction from the stalker: "Padma was wearing uggs, not heels. Sorry for the slip-up." Gosh.

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