A cable nymph moves to the big screen, every movie ever is remade by the same guy, Dawson Leery rages against a storm like a be-bouffanted King Lear, and executive wife swapping.

United States of Tara actress Brie Larson has joined a few rumply others set to appear in Noah Baumbach's new film Greenberg. The film, about Ben Stiller moving to Los Angeles and being sad, features Larson as a "college-age temptation." [Variety] Meanwhile, your other favorite coquette, Mischa Barton, has been cast in the The CW's Ashton Kutcher-produced drama Beautiful Life. She'll play a "bitchy model type." If that doesn't feel risky enough for the capable thespian (though, why wouldn't it?), her character might wear glasses sometimes. [THR]

Move over, Guzinowski. Dave Kajganich is now the hottest writer in showbiz! He wrote the critically-acclaimed Invasion of the Body Snatchers rehash The Invasion, and now he's slated to pen a remake of Escape from New York and a redo of Stephen King's It. Might as well send him a check for $22 right now! [Variety] Another original and exciting project, Spider-Man 4, has been slated to debut on May 6th, 2011. Mark your calendars. [Variety]

New summer shows to keep you indoors, sweaty and miserable but at least vaguely entertained: The Philanthropist starring James Purefoy and Neve Campbell (still exists!), Merlin about magicks and long white beards probably, and The Storm about Jams van der Beek dealing with crazy machine-altered weather. Seriously. Also on the humid, sticky docket are reality shows like I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Outta Here!, long thought dead in anywhere but England, and something called The Great American Road Trip. So instead of taking that road trip yourself (which everyone should do at least once in their lives), just crack a cold one, point the fan at your crotchal region, and enjoy. [THR]

Fox and NBC are swapping drama execs, because one of them had a bologna sandwich and Zucker really likes those and that Capri Sun looks pretty good over there, so yeah that seems about fair. No takebacks. [THR]