People send a lot of crap to our tipline, but from time to time, we're going to run the more interesting and/or coherent correspondence. Today, a non-fan of Men's Health editor-in-chief Dave Zinczenko.

Dave Zinczenko
This Captain of Best Life Magazine most certainly did not go down with the ship. Instead, he slunk out the back like a rat and jumped on a lifeboat with the women and children. Dave who claimed credit for launching the magazine & loved to drop its name for hotel upgrades is acting like he has no connection to the magazine. Exactly one week before the press release announcing the demise of BL, coincidentally someone fed Keith Kelly confidential info about Rodale's restructuring & made CEO Steve Murphy out to be the bad guy. Curiously, midway throught the piece, the story veers sudenly to a completely different tangent and mentions how a "source' says DZ is indispensable to Rodale, the face of the company and a "winner". Who had access to that info and wanted to make himself look good by trading the exclusive for a plug? Maybe get out in front of negative news with some good old self promotion? Interesting coincidence, but we're not done yet.... The same day Dave was "sighted" in P6 as having dinner with BFF Dan Abrams and his girl Renee Zellweger. Apparently being a 3rd wheel can be cool as long as you the mention. Finally, Dave made sure to lunch at Michael's that same day to be mentioned on Media Bistro's Fisbowl NY (and which reiterated that Dave is a winner). All a complete coincidence right? DZ surely had no idea of the annoucements to come this week. When the press release came out about BL, didn't it seem a bit curious that Dave's name wasn't on it? That must have been an oversight. Surely he wanted to address the troops, thank them for their service and take responsibility for his failures (In as much as he relishes taking credit for his successes)? Surely he did, but he was too busy paddling away from the ship, and no, he won't stop to pick up survivors.