Meghan McCain went on Rachel Maddow's television program last night in a bid to become the Fresh New Voice of the GOP. Instead she made a fool of herself.

McCain, who is attempting to position herself as fresh young voice in the Republican Party, was discussing her most recent Daily Beast column, wherein she clinically demolished Coulter's cult of personality: "I straight up don't understand this woman or her popularity." Take that, David Brooks, David Frum, Ross Douthat, and Andrew Sullivan. There is literally nobody else in America with the fortitude and vision to publicly declare that there is anything wrong with Ann Coulter, a fact that McCain will gladly repeat over and over again for emphasis.

Also, she gets tons of hits, people everywhere read her column, she has done a lot of stuff and experienced a lot, and leave her alone because she didn't take Econ 101 and therefore doesn't understand the financial meltdown.

Maddow expertly gave McCain all the rope she needed to make a complete ass of herself, but sadly one gets the sense that it was because the hostess was enchanted by the idea of the daughter of a Republican presidential candidate saying bad things about other Republicans, rather than the idea of the daughter of a Republican presidential candidate being irretrievably stupid.

My question: Why does Meghan get all the attention? When will the Daily Beast give a column to Bridget?