As long as college kids remain edgy, there will be college sex magazines. And as long as there are a few olds with no sense of mockery, they will be scandalized by them. Still!

We note that Wesleyan, the most annoying liberal arts school in the US, has launched a new sex magazine called...wait for it...Unlocked. Uh, unless this is like Wesleyan's 267th different sex mag, may we just say about time, kids? Despite the fact that almost nothing in all of collegedom could be more tritely predictable than a sex magazine at Wesleyan (pictured: a photo shoot), this news was enough to warrant credulous coverage in the Hartford Courant:

The spring 2009 issue will be "bigger and better than ever" and will include erotic poetry and a photo shoot in the mud, Sun-Higginson wrote.

Asked if the magazine would ever feature graphic sex, Bindert said, "I have been slowly edging toward it."

Mmm hmm. More hilariously, Kristen Juras, a law professor at the University of Montana—land of buffalo sex—is outraged at the sex column in the campus paper, because"It affects my reputation as a member of the faculty [who never gets laid]."

In her first column, Davis stated that she's not a "sexpert," although she's "been at this for awhile now." Juras said someone writing a sex column should have a background in sexology, just as someone writing a column about the environment should have an environmental background.

Here's some of the salacious content in the latest column that's causing the Montana kids to just fuck each other in public everywhere, all over campus:

Even if you and your partner aren't sexually active, spend an evening at home cooking and feeding each other (add blindfolds to increase sensory perception) instead of going out to eat.

Just leave the kids alone and they'll fuck like boring people eventually.
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