What's this, our friend Ashley Dupre, nee Spitzer, has taken up yoga and is hanging with Russell Simmons developing "inner strength?" Pish posh! You need to focus, Ashley. You'll ruin everything.

Ashley has a new 'blog' today! What's she been up to? Oh yoga and this and that, etc.:

In great part, discovering my identity came through the quiet reflection I enjoyed while practicing yoga, and the inner strength I've developed attracts powerful things. I'm seeing that the stronger I am at my core, the more natural and effortless it becomes to draw positive people and uplifting experiences into my life. For example, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined befriending Russell Simmons while taking class at a yoga school I started going to in the past year. This school has been the safe haven for my self-study and spiritual development. The more I know my true self, the more I come to have faith that my presence on earth means more or at least has different meaning than the media or disbelievers have tried to frame it to be.

We have to level with you, Ashley: you're doing exactly the right thing, which is no good for our purposes. Ignoring the media, being quiet, meditating, learning humility, and focusing on self-improvement are great ways to become a better person and move past your scandalous past. What the hell are we supposed to do with that, hmm? We had a better career plan for you: Porn. Why do you ignore this easy money in favor of spiritual salvation?

See, you doing scandalous things pays our salary, Ashley. Porn sells. If you're gonna screw us on that, at least don't stop blogging. (But still, consider porn).
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