Man, if there was ever a Senator who should not ask strangers "do you know who I am?" it is David Vitter of Louisiana. And yet, that is what he said at Dulles last week.

Vitter is famous mostly for sleeping with prostitutes and then just not resigning over it, even after everyone in the world heard the terrible rumor that he's a diaper fetishist. Since his name turned up on the DC madam's list and he held a hilarious press conference with his terrifying wife (pictured above), he's been one of the leaders of the Senate Republicans' opposition to Barack Obama, because that leadership vacuum is actually really real. And now he has one more item for his political resume: freaking the fuck out at the airport, like an entitled child.

See, he arrived to the airport late, and they wouldn't let him board his plane. So he opened the security door, which set off an alarm, because it's the security door, and Vitter kept pointing to his Senate member pin like it was a magical "go wherever you want whenever you want" badge, and he said "do you know who I am" or some equivalent phrase, and the poor airport employee he was yelling at quite reasonably threatened to call security.

Vitter, according to the witness, remained defiant, yelling that the employee could call the police if he wanted to and their supervisors, who, presumably, might be more impressed with his Senator's pin.

Then the guy went to find a cop or something and Vitter ran away. Probably crying, the whole time. Because he missed his flight which probably totally messed up his date to have man-baby sex with a hooker.

Of course, this happens to members of Congress basically all the time, this airport rage. Unstable madman Senator Jim Webb kept showing up to airports with unregistered guns, and California Democrat Bob Filner—who was arrested with the freedom riders in 1961!—was arrested in 2007 for freaking out when his luggage got lost. But neither of them, as far as we know, tried the "do you know who I am" bit, or slept with prostitutes while wearing adult diapers.