Last Thursday, D.L. Hughley's unnecessary CNN show was canceled. Yesterday, the David Alan Grier-anchored Chocolate News ended forever. Is it possible—even in this Obama era—America's not ready for bad TV?

The fact that D.L. Hughley got a CNN talk show was just mystifying from day one. And he didn't surprise the world with his hidden news acumen. The fact that David Alan Grier got to host what was billed as the black Daily Show least enough to make everyone feel a vague sense of hope, for a few minutes, until the show aired. Turns out it was unoriginal and unfunny. Oh well! David Alan Grier was pretty funny on In Living Color but not so much since, so maybe they should have picked someone actually funny to host this show, Chocolate News, and perhaps CNN could have searched far and wide and eventually located a black person with slightly more journalistic chops than standup comedian D.L. Hughley. They are rumored to exist in the far-flung corners of our land!

Giving shows to people who aren't good is the real conspiracy.