How does James Franco manage to take classes at both NYU and Columbia while penning a book while keeping his acting career going? Evidently only with lots of naps.

Some enterprising young student took a picture of the Milk star and writing scholar dozing during at lecture at Columbia and sent it to TMZ, perhaps for a pretty fee. Franco was also Tweeted about while he slept out in the open in Bobst library at NYU, where he's also studying. So he's sleeping at both schools! Oh James. What would Lindsay think?

So what, is he out partying? Cracking the books too late? Narcolepsy? Chronic fatigue? What? What?? Look, James. If you need someone to come sit by your bed at night, and help you get a good night's rest, I'm sure there are plenty of people willing to do that. Though those same people are probably secretly hoping that you won't get any sleep, if you catch my drift. (Sex. I'm talking about sex.) So, maybe you'd better keep trying on your own.

Either way, goodnight moon.