Zoinks! Kelly Killoren Bensimon, the newest edition to the Real Housewives of New York City has been charged with thrashing her pretty young fiance about the face. Poor Nick Stefanov received a right Housewife beating.

It happened early in the morning last Tuesday, when the pair got in a fight and the unfortunate fellow, 30, became the object of Bensimon's rage. Bensimon, a 40-year-old former model and sorta socialite turned Bravo reality star, reportedly gave him a black eye and a fat lip. Stefanov told the New York Daily News, "If I had hit her, I'd be sitting in a jail cell right now." Over
at the New York Post, "a friend" claimed he moaned, "My injuries are worse than Rihanna's."

Bensimon surrendered to the authorities two days later and is scheduled to be in court on March 31st. Her lawyer says that the charges are unfounded, but Stefanov, brave soul, remains undaunted. The Post says he told that same friend:

We got engaged a couple weeks ago. We got into an argument that escalated and escalated. She hauled off and started swinging. She got a lucky punch on my cheekbone and just split it right open. I went down to the police station covered in blood.

He's apparently now hiding out in Pittsburgh, not wanting to show his battered face. For what it's worth, Bravo was extremely helpful on the matter, saying that, as a policy, the network "doesn't comment on the private lives of our talent." Which... Um. What?

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