Comedy Central will soon start production on Tosh.0, in which comedian Daniel Tosh makes fun of blogs, online videos, tweets, etc., oh-so-boldly reversing the usual flow of snark between the internet and television.

We can't say we're familiar with Tosh. A comedy-world buddy says he's "alright," has been doing stand-up basically since he was a fetus and is "funnier than Nick Thune," at least. A quick YouTube sampling turned up some pedestrian regional humor (midwesterners are fat and vaguely sad, LOL!); the most popular clip is embedded above.

But even if Tosh is everything Viacom suits say he is ("biting, hilarious and so quick"), it remains to be seen if there's room for a dedicated internet humor show amid the fast-proliferating geek jokes on mainstream programs like the Daily Show, 30 Rock and Jimmy Fallon's nerdy iteration of Late Night.

No need to tune in to find out: if "Tosh.0" is halfway decent, its video will be embedded all over the place online.