If you've become as addicted to fast-rising junkfood-porn Tumblr This Is Why You're Fat as most of us have, you're probably curious: Who's behind this fatty madness? Turns out we didn't need to look far.

The dedicated compilers of images of such insane delights as deep-fried grilled cheese and corndog pizza are none other than Jessica Amason (Urlesque, The Frisky) and our very own video master, Richard Blakeley. So the calls—well, at least half of them—were coming from inside the house! (A story I know all too well.) Those crafty bastards. At least I've now got someone to blame for my insane desire to devour, like a crazed Wisconsin zombie, this beautiful and terrifying cheese phenomenon.

The pair found an agent and are shopping a book proposal as well as talking with a couple of TV networks about developing a show. Amazing where a Fatty Melt can take you.

Oh! And they're also appearing in a quirky segment on today's Situation Room, with quirkiest CNN reporter Jeanne Moos. Frankly, we take deep fried tater tots extremely seriously, so we're less than chuffed that CNN didn't get someone a little more hard-hitting for the story. Ah well. Gorge on, everybody. We'll add the clip below as soon as it airs.