Sean Delonas, America's Favorite Editorial Cartoonist, isn't on the New York Post's Page Six today! WE WON! Or, you know, maybe he picked a weird time for a vacation, he's normally off on Mondays.

Update: Drat. It's just his normal day off. Nevermind. You'll be seeing his regularly scheduled racist, homophobic fever dreams tomorrow.

Last month, Delonas shook up his usual routine of hysterical gay-bashing, misogyny, and politically astute "all Democrats are Muslims are terrorists" analysis with a little old-fashioned (barely) coded racism. Oddly, his charming cartoon about a monkey who was shot after writing the stimulus bill did not go over well with the black community! Or "the non-asshole community"!

There were protests, and two apologies—a fake one from Col Allen and a realer one from Murdoch himself.

But besides those apologies, the Post didn't actually do anything. Well, they fired Liz Smith. But Delonas soldiered on, mocking Murdoch critic Michael Wolff for sleeping with a lady and for having the trademark Delonas "swishy gay-leg."

But on today's Page Six? Some other cartoon from some guy named Gorrell, who is obvious and unfunny instead of crazy offensive and unfunny, like our Sean.

Delonas' last cartoon ran on Friday, and it makes no damn sense at all, as it is about a terrorist snowman scaring the FBI, an apparent reference to all those news stories about the FBI being scared of snowmen. Right? So either Delonas finally lost his mind from the stress of people paying attention to how much of a bigot he is and is taking a much-needed break, or the Post actually fired him (unlikely!), or he just took the day off.